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 Boarding Facility

      • Air-Conditioned Facility
      • Daily Exercise
      • Day Boarding
      • Baths

Call for our Special Summer Rates

Our boarding facility is fully air-conditioned. All pets are kept indoors, in separate houses.


You pet is walked outside within a walled in secure area, with an employee 2-3 times daily.


We feed Science Diet food to your specifications. You may bring your own food and we will create a custom feeding schedule with your instructions. Please let us know how much and how often to feed. We would like to minimize change in your pets’ routine as much as possible to avoid stress.

What to Bring

We provide blankets and pillows - but you may bring one from home if you wish. Please make sure that it is labeled appropriately.

Vaccinations Required
For your pet's safety the following vaccines must be current - if they are not we will gladly administer them. For dogs we need Ravies, Bordetella and DHLPP/C and for cats we require current Rabies and FVRCP(FRT). Records from another vet will be acceptable proof of vaccines: we are unable to accept certification from breeders or owners who self-vaccinate. Any pet who stays with us 5 days or more will receive a complimentary bath. Other services can be performed upon request. If your pet is on medication, please remember to bring it with you. Include a detailed instruction as to how much and when to administer. Please make sure all containers are properly labeled.

To facilitate a smooth arrival, we can fax you our required form for you to complete prior to arriving. This will minimize the time it takes to drop off your pet. Please contact us if you would like more information or pricing for our boarding services.






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