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Services we offer include: 

  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Medicine / Surgery
  • Pet Dentistry
  • Air Conditioned Boarding
  • Open 6 Days a week
  • Food / Supplies



Declaws - stay 2-3 nights with us - depending on their age and weight.

Exploratory abdominal surgery
Orthopedic Surgery - Fracture repair and joint (i.e., ACL)
Skin Growths, Tumors
Most surgeries include a comprehensive pre-anesthetic blood panel, consisting of 14 different vital tests.
Most surgeries stay over one night - so that your pet can get checked on by the doctor during rounds and have the nurse observe in the morning before going home.
Sutures stay in approximately 10-14 days. We ask that no baths or swimming during this time period.
Please withhold food from your pet after 9:00pm the night before surgery; water can be available at all times, even the morning of surgery.
ImageWe ask that you bring your pet to our office between 7:30 - 8:00am the day of surgery. Give yourself 15-20 minutes so a nurse may check you in and go over the procedure with you. A nurse will call you after surgery to let you know how everything went, and go over a time for you to pick you pet up.
We use Isoflourane anesthesia for all surgeries.
Dental care includes removal of plaque and tartar
Tooth extractions

A request for a prescription may be made, however the following must apply:

  • Have had a physical exam by a licensed veterinarian within the past year

Antibiotics for an infection, once treated may not always be refilled without a visits with Dr. Buckman. This is because the infection may be caused by a different bacteria.

Wellness Exams

A yearly exam should be given to your pet, no matter what age they are. During the exam, the doctor will check their heart, ears, eyes, teeth, discuss their diet, and check for any enlarged organs or masses. Doctors can find small problems before they become large or sometimes more dangerous problems.






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